How Fashion Adventurous Are You?

When it comes to fashion are you as adventurous as you would like to be? Do you see models wearing amazing clothes but when it comes down to wearing them yourself you end up picking something safer? Why? Is it due to weight issues? Confidence – would you rather not stick out from the crowd? Do you think you have grown out of that style? Well TK-Maxx, a popular UK brand which sells designer wear at up to 60% less, have addressed this issue in their Spring Summer 2014 campaign.

The Me. By Me.

The project is called “The Me. By Me” and the gist of the video is to encourage people to challenge themselves, to leave their comfort zone and express themselves through what they wear because TK-Maxx believe in individuality.

During this project they picked 10 real shoppers whilst they were browsing their UK stores and asked them to experiment with style, to pick what they really wanted to wear. To pick clothes which expressed their individuality. These people had to reflect their personality through their clothes because TK-Maxx believes people are at their happiest when they dress in their own unique way. In fact in their video they do not promote latest fashion trends because they want fashion to be about you. The 10 shoppers picked what they wanted to wear and you can see what they picked in the video below.

If you are looking for designer wear at great prices then head online to TK-Maxx, they have 1000’s of brands for men, women and children, accessories, perfumes, jewelry, shoes and more than you need to create your own individual style. What’s your “Me By Me”?