Online Shopping Tips

Whether you are a seasoned online shopper or you are total noob at this, here are some online shopping tips to help you get by.

  • Do your research: When shopping online you can easily do your research and check for discount codes, compare prices. 
  • International Delivery: Find out whether they do internationally delivery to Malta. If not, use a mail forwarding service and get your items delivered to Malta from the UK, US, Italy and many other countries. Just bear in mind that if they do not deliver to Malta and you need to return the item, you will need to incur the return deliver cost yourself. If taxes are applicable (for example shopping from an Australian site) you will need to pay taxes to bring the item to Malta and again if it needs to be returned.
  • Payment Method: If the site you want to buy from does not offer International Delivery you should immediately check whether they accept Paypal. If they don’t you will need to go through the usual steps of buying an item online and see if the site allows you to enter your card’s billing address to Malta (unless you have a card registered in the address where the brand’s market is, for eg. UK). I remember this happening to me last year when I tried to shop from
  • Check their size guide: If you are buying clothes items we generally recommend you shop from brands where you already know your size and fit, however, if you come across an item from a brand you have never heard of before, then you should check their size guide to understand what size to buy. 
  • Read the product reviews: I am a frequent shopper from Sports Direct and many times I have come across reviews where the size is not true to fit so I generally either get put off buying the item or if I really like it, I adapt my size according to the review feedback. It can also be a review about the item’s construction. For example I recently was looking at a jumper at M&Co, I saw that two reviews out of 7 mentioned that the seams were not joined correctly so it put me off buying the jumper even though I have never had any quality issues with items from this brand.
  • Check your order: Make sure you double check your order before submitting your payment. Check whether you ordered the correct size and colour.
  • Think ahead. Are you shopping for an occasion? If so, make sure to think ahead as items take time to be delivered, especially if you are ordering from a site which does not do international delivery. 

Have you ordered online before? Do you have any other tips to share? Let us know in the comments on our Facebook page.