Christmas Gift Ideas: Sharing experiences with our loved ones.

With Christmas round the corner it is time to start thinking about Christmas gifts for loved ones. We have seen many adverts and videos circulating the internet raising awareness about loneliness around the Christmas period and it is not just the festive season, loneliness may stem from all year round.

The most precious gift we can give our loved ones is our time.

Do you remember watching the Ikea (Spain) Kids Christmas Experiment? In this experiment the children were asked to write a letter to The Three Kings (Santa equivalent) and another letter to their parents? When addressing Santa the children requested material gifts, whereas when addressing their parents they wished for their parents to spend more time playing with them. It was heart breaking. Here is the video below which Anna Johndrow kindly translated and added English subtitles to.

When your family are just to busy for you – Loneliness.

Do you remember watching the German chain Edeka’s ad where an elderly man faked his own death to bring his family together for Christmas? Another heart breaking campaign raising awareness about loneliness.

So this year let us think about making time for others. Find ways to spend time together and make memories. Instead of gifting things, share an experience with your loved ones.

Gift a 2019 calendar filled with your personal plans & events

Why not make your own calendar or buy one and add your plans and events to the calendar of things to do as a family. You can easily fill it up for the first month and then discuss the plan for the following month. In this way you and your family can agree on which events you enjoyed and want to do more of the following month.

  • Things to do can include: Baking days, home made pizza and book night, movie night, games night, arts & crafts day etc
  • Outdoor entertainment & events can include: Cinema night, comedy show, pantomime, a musical, a music event for kids, painting event, arts & crafts event, organise an easy trekking day out with a group of other parents with kids the same age, a picnic, mummy & kids workout,etc.

Check out these websites to find out what is happening in Malta and buy online tickets to events or experiences you like.

Family Games

Treat the family to a new classic family game or a book of card games to use your cards with. Classic family games may include, Monopoly, Charades, Scrabble, Mastermind, Ludo, Pictionery, Risk, a set or two of traditional playing cards and other games.

Here’s a list of popular card games you play with your family:

  • Snap
  • Rummy
  • Jack Change It
  • Crazy Eights
  • Slap Jack
  • Play or Pay
  • Travel gifts

    Travelling is an amazing experience and for very little money you can gift a friend or family member with a travel gift. Get planning and set out on an adventure with your partner in crime!

    Health, Fitness and Relaxation Experiences

    There is nothing better than a day getting pampered at the spa with your bestie, listening to the sounds of waterfalls, the smell of oils and just laying down on your back for a facial or on your tummy for a tranquilizing massage.

    • A day at the Spa Gift Voucher
    • A Gym membership
    • Yoga Classes membership
    • Pilates Classes membership
    • Aerobics membership
    • Boogie Bounce Classes membership
    • Tennis Classes membership
    • A swimming membership
    • A membership for any other classes you can think of

    Thinking of others

    Last but not least, let us not forget about the elderly, orphans, homeless, sick, disabled and any other support group who need our help. Here are a few of my favourite charities, Hospice, Richmond Foundation, Dar tal-Providenza, Istrina and of course the Food Bank. #everylittlehelps

    Have you got any other ideas you think would be suitable as a Christmas gift experience? Share your ideas with us on our Facebook post.