Healthy Eating – Facts vs Hype

This BBC documentary presented by Fiona Phillips is a must watch for healthy eaters and non. In this hour long video, Fiona Philips meets with leading scientists to discover the truth about certain foods. This video answers questions like:

  • Which is the healthiest breakfast? Is it grilled bacon and boiled egg or fruit & yogurt or good old cereal?
  • Super foods – Are they really super foods, or just super expensive?
  • How to shop for everyday foods which will give us all the benefits that “superfoods” claim to give us at a fraction of the price. Fiona meets with Biochemist Dr Gunter Kunhle from the University of Reading to find out whether super foods are really worth their super price tag.
  • The truth about wholegrain. Whenever we buy packets of cereal covered in nutritional messages regarding wholegrain, do we know what we are buying or do we just trod along with the hype? Wholegrain means that the whole grain is used with nothing removed in the process. It is supposed to release energy slowly into our bodies and keep us lasting full for longer. Does it really do this? Fiona meets with digestive specialist Dr Giles Major from Nottingham University who reveals that the coarser the grain the longer it takes to pass through our guts therefore helping us to feel fuller for longer. This also means that refined grains which you are likely to find in supermarket packaged cereals pass through us very quickly thus losing the benefits which wholegrain is supposed to give us.
  • What is the best way to cook your vegetables? Should you steam, stir fry, microwave or boil broccoli? It turns out that any method is better than boiling but the best way would be to steam. Steam your vegetables!
  • What does Biochemist Dr Gordon McDougall from the James Hutton University in Dundee have to say about antioxidants?  Do they measure to their healthy claims?
  • What about taking vitamin c supplements? Do they really work? Watch what Professor of metabolic medicine, Dr Naveed Sattar has to say as Fiona meets him in the University of Glasgow.
  • Which drink keeps us most hydrated throughout the day? Is it water, coffee, orange juice or milk?

Watch this interesting video to learn the truths about healthy food backed by experiments and scientists so that next time you hear of about the next  “Food of the Year” you can keep calm and research the facts instead of just reading the marketing claims on the packet. By the way, did you know that when cooking a fried egg, the egg does not absorb the oil? So it’s OK to fry an egg and drain it from oil after.

Happy healthy eating,


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