Michael Kors Spring/ Summer 2019 Collection

Michael Kors Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Kors has received some flak for coming up with a spring/ summer collection that might seem overly commercial, perhaps a little too accessible, if such a thing exists. But then, it is high fashion that we are concerned with here. Having said that, don’t let the criticism put you off scouting some attractive trends, as the collection highlights some pieces which can be mixed and matched with items from other designers for that ideal spring/ summer wardrobe. First off, the silhouettes we are greeted with in this assemblage are soft, with flowing fabrics as models bedecked in glamorous jungle-like patterns sashay down the catwalk. Ideal for a hot, humid climate such as the Maltese one, the clothes tend to skim the body, rather than adhere to it. The tendency for the items not to be fitted is by no means gender-determined, as male as well as female models saunter down the runway in flared trousers. Male styles range from slightly neutral to brightly coloured, with flared trousers, matching floral or checked shirts and shorts. Bucket hats complete the outfits, giving them that relaxed feel. The general feel of this collection is midway between functional 70s-inspired beach-denim dresses and floppy hats and 80s glossed-over floral prints. Lace makes an appearance, as do crochet hats and dresses. Lounge and beach outfits are dressed with fringes, and outfits are set off with chunky cork platforms and wedges. Brightly-coloured skirts tease the eye with black mesh inserts. Long dresses are embellished with ruffles, from long late 70s/ early 80s-influenced sizes to more contemporary, shorter styles. Moving on to the sultrier season, swimwear recalls the late 1950s and early 1960s, with layered Olympic ballet patterns and jungle prints complemented by sassy African headscarves. Make-up ranges from sheer, almost translucent in nature, to bright and shimmery. Kors values diversity, as you can tell from this show, which features models ranging in appearance from boyish to feminine, from plus-size to svelte – there is something for every kind of physique. Though not exceedingly prominent, animal prints also put in an appearance in the second half of the show, with snakeskin ensembles and tigerskin bags.  The show’s prevalent colours are dark rose, denim blue and lime green, interspersed with azure and chartreuse, but black also puts in an appearance, present in a hint of leather and ruffled trousers teamed with a sexy string bikini top. Perhaps a less than impressive range of choices compared to other, stellar collections, Kors has once again delivered what fans expect of him – an interesting use of colour together with ease of movement.

FBTM’s – what’s trending summary:

  • Patterns / Floral
  • Lace
  • Platforms
  • Mesh
  • Long dresses
  • Comfy fitting
  • Jeans
  • Fringed jackets
  • …and more

Our favourite outfits from the Michael Kors SS19 Collection