Malta Fashion Week – Highlights Part 1

Malta Fashion Week Awards 2019 - Opening of the Drew and Crew Fashion Show

The twenty-first edition of the Malta Fashion Week and Fashion Awards opened with a collection by Rosemarie Abela. Themed “The Cure”, the outfits featured smooth, symmetrical dresses, tops and trousers with layering, metallics, satin and tulle. Abela’s inspiration seems to have meshed classic Oriental design with tailored dresses, endowed with satin, tulle and faux-fur accessories. Pleats were present too, though not in absolute abundance. Skirts were straight or full, and most dresses were set off with a bandage detail and bee-keeper style hat. The next accumulation of garments paid homage to the notion of architecture in fashion, playing with three-dimensional, geometrical shapes in the form of bags of different sorts, such as backpacks, clutches and totes, as well as shawls, wraps and overskirts. Necklines were high and pointed, or twisted across the collarbone to resemble molten sheet metal. Gold skirts were pleated, and bronze trousers boxy at the bottom, allowing the ankles to be admired in stiletto court shoes.

Drew & Crew’s models strode onto the catwalk in a burst of leather, satin, chiffon and satin. The gowns displayed a cross between upmarket bordello and happily ever after (or at least happy until the morning after the night before!) in an exhibition of prints, flirty combinations of pvc and tulle, and other sheer fabrics such as chiffon in patterned black and plain white. Perhaps the collection’s most interesting touch were the high-waisted gold pedal pushers, teamed with a loose satin print shirt over a matching bodice. Later on in the show, a black waist belt over a tulle skirt was cleverly embellished with chunky jewellery, donating an interesting silhouette to the whole ensemble.

Isle & Aqua’s collaboration with local jewellery favourite Yana provided sleek, sportswear-inspired beach costumes with bold, tribal accessories in varying shades of blue, from azure to cobalt, accented by burnt orange, coral and mustard. Bikinis soon progressed from exercise-worthy mini-singlets and cute triangles to shimmery bandeau and tie-side sets.

Possibly the most interesting designer, however, was Agatha Ruiz de La Prada, whose outfits maintained a childish sense of wonderment, with their primary colours, candy-shop aesthetic and pop art background. Teetering on skyscraper-worthy platforms, the models sported designs that fused a feel of combined psychedelia and eighties video influence. Alice would have clearly felt at home in this brightly-hued, nostalgic wonderland!

Trends summary:

  • Metallics
  • Sheer, sheer and sheer – hello chiffon and tulle!
  • Sharp, constructed silhouettes
  • Long, dramatic but sexy gowns
  • Sporty swimsuits
  • Chunky jewellery in bright but natural colours
  • Candy, childlike colours
  • A return to psychedelia and pop-art inspired prints
  • Satin
  • Very high heels or flat sandals
  • Slightly flared trousers