Calvin Klein Spring/ Summer 2019 Collection

Calvin Klein Spring Summer 2019 Collection

As I sat through the video for this season’s Calvin Klein offerings, the one thought that persisted was “The nineties; my goodness me, this is SO nineties”. However, CK’s designs are not simply a nod to that slightly colourless decade, or perhaps can be seen so in terms of the fact that they contain a measure of irony and playfulness as they pay a tribute to Steven Spielberg’s 1975 American thriller – Jaws. Raf Simons for Klein sets about challenging an audience’s perceptions of what a spring/ summer collection should be. There are no pastels, and few bright colours, the designer preferring to cloak his fabrics in darker shades of red, black and fawn or fern, in some cases. You get the sense that the idea is also to confuse notions of the casual, and slightly deconstructed, with the formal. At the outset, Klein presents us with a marked contrast between flimsy asymmetrical frocks adorned with hazy animal prints, the perennial vintage Jaws film poster image and geometrical patterns paired with chunky patent black boots and oversized suit jackets, ranging from slightly plain with small gloss embellishments to tweed. The models, displaying both sturdy and slight physiques, wear make-up that is minimalistic to the extreme. They stride purposefully, rather than strutting. The accessories accompanying these styles constitute long or oversized sports tube bag-style handbags, some of them with interesting chain-reminiscent straps. Males show sombre, slim black trousers with white, blue, red and light mustard piping at the sides teamed with bold red prints, either stripes or animal print, and a faux-overall tied around their waists. Some of the more intriguing highlights of the show include a top-to-toe quasi-fetish meets monastic/ functional black leather look, sported by some of the male models, but compellingly set off by red accents – an almost nautical cap on one of the models, and a sweater on another. Subdued animal prints, this time fused with rosette forms, are, once again, the order of the day, but complemented, this time, by sharp court shoes in monochrome, burgundy, wine, mustard and turquoise. Shoes for the men alternate between biker and Chelsea boots. A portion of the show concentrates, as mentioned above, on juxtaposing casual with formal, fitted cocktail skirts with ripped, loose and asymmetrical tops. One of the bathing suits constitutes a leather playsuit matched with a red cap. A return to grunge seems to have been on Klein’s mind, as his models show off their wares in the form of baggy, loose sweaters teamed with pleated skirts – some of them ripped (pretending to be shark-ravaged rips)- and court shoes. Sweaters are also seen to hug some of the simple bathing suits on display. Halfway through the show, some male models show off sweaters that seemed partly constructed out of macramé together with the same svelte black trousers decorated with piping but set off with mortarboards for headgear. At this point, the jackets for males graduate from suit jackets to tuxedo style. Fringes also let themselves be felt – mostly for the males – and Chelsea boots start to acquire more whimsical colours, such as medium rose and emerald green. The last, rather interesting element of Klein’s show is the use of more mature models, some of whom had their heyday in the late 80s and early 90s, such as Yasmin Le Bon. Other famous 90s faces include the ethereal Stella Tennant. Doutzen Kroes is also seen to grace Klein’s catwalk.

Trends Summary:

  • Animal prints
  • Bold colours
  • Court shoes
  • Nouveau-grunge
  • Return to the 90s
  • Wetsuits
  • Wet hair
  • Kitten heels
  • Graduation hats
  • Oversized jackets
  • Knit jumpers

Our favourite outfits from the Calvin Klein SS19 Collection