Does ship to Malta?

This month we tried to purchase two handbags from here’s how it went:

Firstly, do not ship to Malta, but this is not a problem because it is not the first time we bought shoes from during one of their awesome sales and got them posted to Malta with SendOn of Malta Post.

The problem with was that they do not accept PayPal and if you use a card, the card’s address needs to be in the UK because there is no alternative on the country drop down menu, except UK. So for example, we used a card but then could not add the correct billing address because the card’s address is in Malta.

We contacted Customer Support at MichaelKors and they basically said they only do UK sales for now on their website.

After a sad pause, we decided we just had to have those bags so we contacted a friend who lives in the UK and asked them to get the handbags for us. Sure enough, a week later, we received a surprise package. #MICHAELKORS #ALWAYSAWAY #FRIENDS