About Fashion Brands To Malta

Fashion Brands to Malta was created in Feb 2011 with the aim of helping its users to shop online from UK established fashion brands to benefit from better choice, more size availability and the popular UK sales. 

In the past couple of years with very little promotion and advertising we generated around £23,000 (€26,000) in sales for the brands we promote.  We plan to add more brands as we go along with guides explaining which ones deliver to Malta,what the delivery costs are and how long delivery takes. 

How many times...?

  • How many times have you been to a shoe shop but they did not have your shoe size?
  • How many times have you been to a Sale and came out disappointed instead of happy, because you did not find your size or the clothes were too outdated?
  • How many times have you bought so much stuff and spent so much money but did not get the only single thing you really needed?
  • How many times have you sworn to shop online after spending over 20 mins to try and find a parking space along with another 3 cars circling around…?
  • How many times have you felt awkward because the sales person keeps stalking you around the shop?

Why we encourage online shopping

  • Save time and money – When you shop online its much faster to find what you want and its also easier to compare prices or look for similar apparel from different brands.
  • No parking hassles – Shopping online is done from the comfort of your own home so you can avoid any parking hassles!
  • No queuing – No need to queue when shopping online
  • Avoid impulse shopping – Search for and buy items you need instead of impulse shopping
  • Benefit from BIG sales, better size availability, and shop the latest styles
  • Great customer service attitude
  • Shop from Brands you like which are not available in Malta like H&M!

2018 - New Plans

What are our plans? We want to extend the scope of our site so that our visitors can also learn about what the local artisan market has to offer. We want to promote local artists and creators who sell handmade apparel, be it, fashion, jewelry, shoes, toys and home decorations.

Handmade in Malta: Local artisans please get in touch. We want to write about you, what you do and where others can buy your products from. 

About Me

I’m an online marketing geek and a start ups fan, my fashion style is ‘comfy smart casual’ by day and depending on my mood and where i’m going, ‘cute n sexy with a bit of rock chic’ by night. Ninety Percent (90%) of my clothing is bought online from Next, M&Co, ASOS, Sports Direct, H&M and a few other shops.

I secretly hate trying on clothes and I’m usually so busy with work that I would rather spend my free time with friends & family than out shopping. 

You can find me ranting online about digital marketing & entrepreneurial stuff – feel free to hit me up and say hello on Twitter or Linkedin or email [ kristal at fashionbrandstomalta.com ]. I am very friendly and I don’t bite!

My favourite quote is – Attitude is everything. Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. 

Stay in touch,

Kristal XXX