How to get your UK Address

Unfortunately some brands in the UK do not ship to Malta so you will need to use a UK delivery address. Getting one is easy and free! Simply follow the steps below:

    1. Sign up an account with Malta Post’s SendOn to get your free UK address.
    2. Verify your email address.
    3. Get your UK address and unique code. The code will need to be used after your name when you are placing your online order. For example Maria Camilleri MC0111MT

MaltaPost Address and Code

  1. Go to the website you wish to order your goods from and use your UK address.
  2. Once the goods arrive at Malta Post’s Sendon they will let you know by email that your goods have arrived, the due delivery date and how much it will cost you. Should you not be home on the day they will deliver you can let them know. Remember to keep the money handy. To get an idea of rates please see this link here.
  3. It will take around 14 days to receive your items from when you placed your online order.

The information provided is based on our experience shopping online. #onlineshoppinglovers #fashionbrandstomalta

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