You can shop online from H&M UK but you need a UK address. Simply follow these 4 steps to get one:.

  1. Sign up an account with Malta Post’s SendOn service .
  2. Verify your email address to get your FREE UK address along with a unique code to identify your account. Use this code after your name when ordering online.
  3. Proceed to H&M to order and enter your UK address and phone number (+44 2032876326 is the number if you are using the Kettering address).
  4. As soon as MaltaPost receives your package you will receive an email notification with the delivery cost and date your package will be delivered. Keep the amount due, handy so you can pay the postman. Items usually arrive within 6 to 14 working days from when you place your online order.

Check H&M’s size guide before ordering as their sizing is different. 

For example – a size 10UK = 36EUR, instead of the usual 38EUR.

This means if you are a UK size 10 you need to order size 38EUR / 12 from H&M. 

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What are you looking for?

Men’s Stuff

Shop directly from our online shop with handpicked items for men including t-shirt, shorts, shirts and more!

Women’s Stuff

Shop directly from our online shop with handpicked items for women including occasion dresses, beach dresses, shoes, swimwear and more!

Gorgeous Handbags

Shop directly from our online shop with handpicked handbags including totes, clutch bags and of course the trending wicker bags!

Online Shopping Tips

  • It is worthwhile shopping online especially during a sale.
  • Always make sure you check their size guide before ordering. This brand does not deliver directly to Malta. This means that should you wish to return the good(s) you will need to pay for postage to return the item to the brand in the UK and then pay postage to get the new item delivered to Malta.
  • If this sounds like a risk you don’t want to take then shop online from a brand which delivers to Malta.
  • If you have not purchased from this brand before we suggest you take a moment to check the brand’s size guide and any reviews of the product from other customers.
  • Use Paypal to settle payment where possible.
  • Check your order before confirming (is the size right? Is the colour the one you want?)

About H&M UK

H&M is a Swedish brand founded in 1947 where it opened its first women’s clothing store in Västerås, Sweden as ‘Hennes’.

In 1968 the founder of ‘Hennes’ acquired a hunting and fishing equipment store and thus expanded his market from solely women’s clothing to catering for men and children. The name was then changed to ‘Hennes & Mauritz’ , more known as H&M today.

Did you know ?

  • H&M has around 2,800 stores worldwide in 48 markets
  • That they employ over 100,000 employees? They are the no. 1 user of organic cotton worldwide
  • They have contributed $125 million to UNICEF for Children Projects